The Signature Style Blueprint Package: 4 hour Closet Alter.


This package unveils the secrets hidden in your closet, guiding you through a transformative journey of decluttering and discovering the true treasures within. Say goodbye to the old ways of organizing and welcome a refreshing editing process that effortlessly helps you release what no longer resonates, allowing you to embrace and elevate everything that sparks joy and style in your wardrobe.


What to expect in this package:


Stage 1:

The Signature Style Blueprint Package is crafted to define and refine your unique style across all aspects of your life – from professional attire to casual chic, from evening elegance to weekend vibes. This personalized blueprint serves as the guiding compass to evaluate every piece in your closet. If an item doesn't harmonize with the essence of your desired style, it's a clear sign that it's time to bid farewell and make space for pieces that truly resonate with your signature look and lifestyle.


Stage 2:

Prepare for our meticulous altering process, as we guide you through the art of curating your closet to perfection. Together, we will thoroughly assess each item in your wardrobe and carefully select what stays and what bids adieu. Our seamless altering process will unveil hidden gems that resonate with your style aspirations, while effortlessly releasing all that doesn't harmonize with your fashion vision. Let's transform your closet into a curated collection that truly embodies your unique style essence.


Stage 3:

As we wrap up the package, post-altering, we organize a detailed checklist of essential pieces lacking in your wardrobe and offer insightful recommendations for future additions. This strategic approach aims to empower you to shop purposefully and enhance your style effortlessly. Additionally, you'll receive access to our curated SAM D’MONES exclusive pieces which include new arrivals and pieces not made to the public during fashion week.  Say goodbye to aimless shopping and hello to a curated shopping experience that aligns perfectly with your fashion journey!


What’s included in this package:


  • Virtual Wardrobe Alter Session. Personalized editing of your ensembles via video conferencing.


  • Expert guidance on each wardrobe item - keep, donate, and tailor decisions.


  • Closet Inventory Planner


  • Customized list of wardrobe essentials and suggestions for new additions.


  • VIP access to SAM D’MONES exclusive pieces for new arrivals, private sales, promotions, how to style tips, and inside scoop on the latest ensembles not yet shown to the public.


  • Customized list of wardrobe essentials and suggestions for new additions.


  • Assistance in locating your dream ensemble  through our database.


Price: $1,550.00

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