SAM D’MONES was founded by Vivian Abreu with an unwavering passion for inspiring other women around us. It is a brand that has the best interest of all women at heart.

Being a lifestyle brand, we believe going further is achievable only when you are comfortable. Simplicity is artistic in a way, which is why we provide the power of easy-to-wear, trendy comfort daily.

We understand the importance of hard work. We have highly skilled and talented designers who ensure perfection by focusing on every detail involved in making a comfy outfit. We never relent in making our outfit stunning and comfortable to wear. With our outfits, we hope that wherever you find yourself, you can exhibit your passion, show your strengths, and experience the confidence of comfort. 

Why You Should Shop With Us?

We are a brand making affordable accessory available to fashion-forward women. In other words, we offer fantastic luxury and glam accessories at a competitive price. We are of the notion that nothing should ever stand in the way of you looking fabulous and fantastic.

SAM D’MONES was born out of our willingness and eagerness to share our knowledge with other women. With many years of experience in providing an unbeatable accessory shopping experience for other women, we consider our brand to be top-notch. We spend quality time and resources in our research, curating items from all over the world. Whatever item you buy from SAM D’MONES is nothing less than the best.

We welcome you to SAM D’MONES, a community of confident, sexy, and fashion-forward women. Welcome to the brand new you.