One Hour Style Consultation: Transformative Session with Vivian Abreu



  • A one hour virtual session for personalized style consultation.


  • Are you ready to say goodbye to that endless cycle of feeling like you have nothing to wear and feeling clueless of your personal style? Look no further! I invite you to join me for a transformative one hour virtual session where we will explore the exciting world of style. Together, we will explore the art of understanding your unique body type, mastering the perfect fit, and breathing new life into your wardrobe to elevate your image.


  • Get prepared for personalized outfit feedback, invaluable personal branding tips, and proven strategies to shop smarter and with more confidence. Let's have an open and inspiring conversation about all things style-related, so you can effortlessly look and feel your absolute best. Are you ready to unlock your style potential and unleash your inner fashionista? Let's make it happen together!


Price: $395.00 Per Hour


All sales are final.


Once your payment is confirmed, prepare to be whisked away into the world of fashion with our exclusive Style Transformation Session. And that's just the beginning - you'll also receive a comprehensive questionnaire to dive deep into your style aspirations and flaunt your unique fashion sense.


To ensure a truly customized experience, be sure to fill out and return the questionnaire within 48 hours before your session. And if one hour isn't enough to satisfy your style cravings, you have the option to extend your session at our hourly rate of $395.00.


Prepare to revolutionize your style and exude a newfound sense of confidence!

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